Kate Powers and RTA cast and crew, Superior Donuts, Sing Sing

Kate Powers and RTA cast and crew, Superior Donuts, Sing Sing

Getting Involved

Volunteering for RTA requires a special set of skills and experience.

First, we seek teaching artists with advanced training in theatre, dance, creative writing, music, voice or visual art.  Next, we look for experience as educators.  Then, we look for work or volunteer experience in disadvantaged communities, particularly within a prison.

Finally, because prisons tend to be in remote areas, having access to transportation is important.

Becoming a volunteer is not a casual process.  Working in prison requires maturity, compassion and persistence.  Criminal background checks, orientation, finger printing and TB tests are required by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Services.  Because of the logistics and training involved, volunteering for RTA is not suitable as a term project or internship.

Still interested?  Wonderful! Please send a resume to info@rta-arts.org

Membership requires more than a desire to act.  You cannot do a complex play without some level of self-control.  You have to be respectful and courteous. You have to be on time, and there’s no chasing the women.Prisoner-Participant