RTA Making an Impact

If you keep doing what you’re always doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten, but if you keep thinking how you’ve always thought, you’re going to keep doing what you’ve always done…

Art allows you to think differently… so you behave differently… so that you can get different results.

To me, that’s the definition of ‘rehabilitation’.Kenyatta Hughes, RTA prisoner-participant


ImpactRehabilitation Through The Arts changes lives – of its participants, their families and the communities to which they return, typically working in social service organizations to guide others towards better life choices.  RTA

  • Develops communication and conflict management skills, self-confidence, trust and respect for others
  • Provides a safe space for self-expression
  • Creates a sense of community in which the contribution from each member is essential for the group to reach its goal
  • Builds literacy skills through reading, listening and analyzing

RTA has changed the attitudes and goals of our inmates, giving them hope and an understanding of how major undertakings can be accomplished when everyone does their part for the common goal.  former Director Sing Sing’s Special Subjects