Jeconia Vinson, who in Starting Over portrays a son going to visit his jailed father, said the role had helped him come to terms with his own father’s absence during his childhood. “I could feel this character’s pain,” he said.The New York Times, February 15, 2010

RTA films prison performances and sends DVDs to family members.  This has a profound effect on family, who are able see the positive steps the prisoner is making.

FamilyRTA made me transform myself in many ways. Now I get on the phone, and I’m the one telling the family how to deal with their problems. Ain’t that great? RTA Participant, Woodbourne

My son is an inmate at a NY correctional facility and in your program.  He recently performed in a skit he wrote and was very happy about the response he received from fellow inmates and visitors. This is a totally new area to him and he is so excited about it. Carmen, Mother of Prisoner-Participant