Of Mice and Men, Sing Sing, 2007

Of Mice and Men, Sing Sing, 2007


“What you will see tonight is entertainment, but what I see is rehabilitation.” Brian Fischer, former Commissioner, NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Theatre is central to RTA’s program. It allows us to put ourselves in another’s shoes, try out new emotions, choices and ways of communicating. It develops empathy and deepens understanding.

Performances focus on collaborative projects in which each person shares responsibility for the group’s success.

RTA’s theatre program includes full-scale and workshop productions, improvisation, Shakespeare studies, play reading, script analysis, character study, and devised, physical and forum theatre.

“When I act out someone else’s experiences I touch on their emotions. I’ve connected to another human, another family, another community.”Clarence, Prisoner-Participant

Inmates perform "Starting Over" in Sing Sing

Inmates perform “Starting Over” in Sing Sing