RTA’s vocal training program began in Sing Sing with the production of West Side Story, RTA’s first musical.  The vocal workshop was so successful it took on a life of its own, performing a Best of Broadway concert and singing in the 2008 production of In the Silence of the Heart.

I have not sung since high school or since I have been in prison. This is not the place where one wakes up singing.RTA participant, Sing Sing

AG singingNothing Like a Dame

Another vocal workshop launched in Green Haven Correctional Facility in 2011.  Its  first presentation was to an appreciative prisoner audience, which resonated particularly with a rousing rendition of There is Nothing Like a Dame. 

Women in RTA’s Bedford Hills group performed in an original musical, “Amazing Grace”.


This musical workshop has been a journey of discovery – discovery of one’s own voice and the ability to listen to another’s. It takes true guts to stand up in front of other people and share one of the most vulnerable parts of being human, one’s voice.Kim Breden, RTA Musical Director