Fork in the Road Stone Ridge Art Show

Fork in the Road art exhibition by RTA participants

RTA's art exhibition, Fork in the Road, was curated after the vision of participants in RTA's visual arts program in Bedford Hills, Green Haven, and Woodbourne Correctional Facilities. The artwork was created in classes taught by RTA teaching artists Angela Tornello and Claire Wasserman, who also curated the exhibition.

The exhibition was featured in:

"...[Claire] often gets questions about what it’s like working with incarcerated people. “When they get into the classroom and the door is closed, it’s just like any other classroom,” she said."

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“Every day we make choices. Decisions that can seem small until we look back and realize they were pivotal moments leading to the current direction of our life. These decisions were all forks in the road.”

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“Once you close the door (inside a correctional facility), it's like any other classroom where students get to have a voice and participate and learn new skills, express themselves and give each other feedback.” —Claire Wasserman, Teaching Artist at RTA, frthe interview

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