Reimagining Myself™

RTA's transitional reentry program, Reimagining Myself™ is an innovative approach to reentry, that uses the arts to explore the social and emotional challenges an incarcerated individual is likely to face when released.

By engaging in visual art, theatre, music, dance, poetry and creative writing exercises, reflection and conversation, participants work through the difficulties they may encounter when reconnecting with family, seeking employment and readjusting to a changed world. Emphasis is placed on gaining the confidence and courage to leave incarceration behind and build a new life.

Every aspect of this project was informed by the insight and talent of formerly incarcerated people.

Package Includes:

  • Curriculum (20 two-hour workshop sessions)

  • 8 Narrative Films (15-20 minutes each)

  • 13 Lived Experience Interview Videos (4-5 minutes each)

  • Facilitator Manual

  • Participant Workbook

  • Facilitator Training with video demonstrations of workshop activities

“I think reimagining oneself should be living your best life. Imagine your best self. What does life look like on your best day?” – Formerly Incarcerated Lived Experience Interview

For more information, contact: reimagine@rta-arts.org

Development of these materials was funded by a 3-year grant from the Mellon Foundation


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