Dramatic Escape

Dramatic Escape is hopeful and inspiring film, despite the gritty reality of maximum-security prison.


Meet the self-described "street thug" in his second prison term. Not convinced by the short sentence in his previous bid, he immediately returned to crime.


Meet a gang leader whose people thought he was crazy for giving up violence, or an RTA member in an "aha!" moment, as he catches himself reacting angrily to an innocent situation and realizes that impulse is exactly what landed him in prison.

Click here to live stream the full documentary on PBS video.

What Audiences are Saying

"We were blown away. The men, the RTA staff, the filmmaking, the lessons, the implications. Extraordinary."

"The film is fantastic!  I expected a traditional 'making of' documentary following the progress of staging of A FEW GOOD MEN, not a moving, thoroughly engrossing portrait of RTA and the emotional impact of RTA’s work on the fortunate inmates able to participate."

"Truly a wonderful film...they spoke so eloquently about their experiences, how the play and theater experience clarified who they were and who they could be."

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