Performances for the prisoner population, community guests and, in some prisons, families of RTA members, include original, classical and contemporary plays and musical theatre. Over the years, thousands of community guests have awakened to the potential of a population to which they had never given a thought. Families have reconnected after years of estrangement. Prisoner audiences, many of whom have never seen a play, have an opportunity to connect to the universality of experience theatre provides.

Because productions require intense group work toward a common goal, RTA becomes a community microcosm in which to practice responsibility, collaboration and problem-solving.

"I found the courage to stop making destructive choices, a heart to care about other people and the brains to not only earn a college degree, but to share that knowledge with others. Like Dorothy, I realized that it is within my power to leave here and return home."


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Rehabilitation Through The Arts is the lead program of Prison Communities International, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.