Teaching Artists

"Where the prison consensus teaches that hard work is for suckers, the RTA culture teaches that nothing lasting can be achieved without effort. 


Where the prison culture preaches every man for himself, RTA stresses that each member is needed for the group to be whole.


Where prison encourages isolation and violent retaliation to offense insures a long life, RTA shows that communication and cooperation are vital to the health of the community."


If you are interested in helping RTA outside of prison, we can often use a hand with props, costumes, sets etc.  Send us an email with your schedule and interests - we'd love to hear from you!


Working in prison as a teaching artist requires a special set of skills and experience, as well as maturity, compassion, and persistence. We seek teaching artists with advanced arts training and experience as educators, especially in disadvantaged communities. And because prisons tend to be in remote areas, having access to transportation is helpful.

Becoming an RTA teaching artist is not a casual process. Criminal background checks, orientation, fingerprinting and TB tests are required by New York State. These complicated logistics make RTA unsuitable as a term project or internship.

Still interested?  Wonderful!

Send a resume to rtaemployment@gmail.com

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Rehabilitation Through The Arts is the lead program of Prison Communities International, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.