Rehabilitation Through the Arts

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RTA helps people in prison develop critical life skills through the arts, modeling an approach to the justice system based on human dignity rather than punishment.


There are 1.8m people incarcerated in the US. Over 95% will eventually be released.

RTA members use their time productively in prison, and when released reconnect with their families and strengthen their communities, breaking a generational cycle.


Discover the transformative power of art in prison. Our unique programs unlock creative potential, fostering personal growth and community building. Explore our programs and see their real-world impact on participants through their own stories.


Join us in making a difference. Your involvement can significantly impact the lives of those incarcerated. Find ways to contribute on our Get Involved page.

Art in Prison


Nationwide over 60% of people return to prison within three years of release.

Less than 3% of RTA members return to prison.


The US spends over $80 billion a year on incarceration.

RTA’s proven impact on recidivism saves taxpayers millions of dollars each year. 

Prison Art Programs

UNLOCKED: a short film about the power of arts in prison

Unlocked captures the unsparingly honest stories of formerly incarcerated men and women who participated in RTA’s prison arts program. The film offers a different model for criminal justice, emphasizing life skills that lead to success after prison.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at RTA

As an organization that works extensively with incarcerated people, we stand in solidarity with all people of color and all those oppressed by institutional inequality. As an arts organization, we are committed to telling the story of our shared humanity.